Roanoke Valley .NET User Group

The Roanoke Valley .Net User Group was formed to support the .NET users in the Roanoke Valley and beyond. We're a friendly group that welcomes both questions...and answers!

We meet on the first Thursday of each month at the Grandin CoLab, next to Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op on Grandin Ave.


What's New


  1. September meeting: Intro to Graph databases with Neo4J

    Thursday, Sep 04

    Presented by: Brian Lanham There are many flavors of databases and contrary to popular conception, we use multiple types in every application. Hierarchical, document, and relational are all relatively commonly well-known. The property graph database is gaining increasing popularity as a replacement for relational databases. They promise increased performance, improved scalability, and greater extensibility than relational databases. In this session we will learn about property graph databases, how they are more semantic in data modeling, and how to get started using Neo4j in your application development efforts. After serving as a nuclear-qualified electrician for six years in the United States ...
  2. October Meeting: Kevin Hazzard - Mobile Data Sync for Everyone

    Thursday, Oct 02

    Synchronizing data between a central database and mobile devices is difficult, especially if you have a mix of Android, iOS and Windows clients to support. Microsoft SQL Server has some great tools to make this problem much easier to solve. In this session, we'll look at SQL Change Tracking, a lightweight feature that adds versioning capability to your databases. We'll do a deep dive on how Change Tracking works internally and how you can use it to generate diff-grams that support any type of mobile client. The discussion will be code-focused, highly-interactive, fun and enlightening. Kevin Hazzard owns and manages ...

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