Roanoke Valley .NET User Group

The Roanoke Valley .Net User Group was formed to support the .NET users in the Roanoke Valley and beyond. We're a friendly group that welcomes both questions...and answers!

We meet on the first Thursday of each month at the Grandin CoLab, next to Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op on Grandin Ave.


What's New


  1. May Meeting: Data Modeling in NoSQL Databases

    Thursday, May 07

    Presenter: Brian Lanham Thinking about modeling your database has different implications in the NoSQL world. How do I handle relationships? How do I maintain referential integrity across subsystems? How do I use polyglot persistence to take maximum advantage of the right database for each use case? What about reporting? In this presentation we will discuss factors to consider when modeling data for NoSQL databases. We will use several different NoSQL databases including MongoDB (Document), Neo4j (Property Graph), and Redis (Key-Value) and C#. After serving as a nuclear-qualified electrician for six years in the United States Navy, Brian earned a Computer ...
  2. June Meeting: Azure Infrastructure Automation with PowerShell

    Thursday, Jun 04

    Presenter: Mike McPhail Join us for a demonstration of the power of PowerShell for automating infrastructure tasks in the Azure cloud environment.  Detailed abstract and speaker bio to follow...

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