Roanoke Valley .NET User Group

The Roanoke Valley .Net User Group was formed to support the .NET users in the Roanoke Valley and beyond. We're a friendly group that welcomes both questions...and answers!

We meet on the first Thursday of each month at the Grandin CoLab, next to Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op on Grandin Ave.


What's New


  1. October - An Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB (including Transactional JavaScript Stored Procedures in Cosmos DB) with Kevin Hazzard

    Thursday, Oct 04

    Presented By: Kevin Hazzard Let's take a close look at Azure Cosmos DB, a planet-scale, cloud database that's HTTP-enabled at its core with a SQL API, a Table API, a Cassandra API, a MongoDB API and a Graph API. We'll cover the basics of the SQL API and look at a real-world application that'll quickly bring the utility of this database into sharp focus. Then we'll turn our attention to Cosmos DB's stored procedures, written entirely in JavaScript. Wait, what? Isn't JavaScript a hot mess to work with these days? Yes, but fear not! This isn't your browser's JavaScript. Just ...
  2. November - Ron Bruintjes: Dockerizing your Windows application

    Thursday, Nov 01

    Presented by: Ron Bruintjes Containers are a great solution, but what do we do with our legacy code? We'll take a simple Windows application and transform it into a Docker image without too many changes in the application or the process. Ron Bruintjes is a Software Architect at Medeco Security Locks in Salem. He's been dabbling in computers professionally since 1990 in a variety of roles, and is currently concentrated on the .NET stack and SQL databases

Recent News

  1. RVNUG is on GitHub

    February 09, 2018


  1. Web Developer - Ziiva

    Web Developer position at Ziiva, Inc.